Your Partner for Clean & Green Life


  • Filtration

    "Solution for clean and green life"

    The electro-positively charged filtration materials manufactured by the unique wet-laid processing method of ENVIONEER has allowed for the development and production of a high performance filter media that is characterized by high efficiency and low differential pressure.

    As advanced functional filter medias are widely used in different fields such as electricity/electronics, food and beverage, semiconductor and nuclear power industries, ENVIONEER has been striving to pioneer the broader global market by focusing on the new development of such filter medias that are completed with different kinds of materials.

  • Eco-friendly materials

    "Contribution to accelerate green growth"

    Through the zero-use of petrochemical products and applying cellulose fiber, PLA(Poly Lactic Acid) fiber, biomass fiber(Kenaf, Bamboo, Flax, etc.), and other raw materials, ENVIONEER has been focusing on the development and production of biodegradable products and items that do not generate any microplastics.

    Based on our developments, we aim to not only accomplish the popularization of eco-friendly products in daily life but also realize carbon neutrality.

  • High-tech composite materials

    "Creation of the innovative composite materials"

    Using diverse types of materials including carbon fiber, aramid fiber and others, ENVIONEER aims for providing materials and components that are necessary for the future industry which covers lightweight reinforcement materials and insulator while achieving energy saving and carbon emissions reduction.

  • Mobility

    "Enhancement of performance for the mobility society"

    From the development of fuel cell GDL(Gas Diffusion Layer) applied to eco-friendly vehicles(electric cars, hydrogen cars, etc.) and insulation materials, ENVIONEER is making efforts to expand the materials and products that are required for continuous transition to a mobility society.