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ENVIONEER’s VIROCAPⓇ is a virus sampler used to quantify the underwater virus according to the EPS regulation. The primary concentration system for capturing the waterborne enterovirus in water allows the saving of time and expenses.


  • Improved efficiency of collecting and concentrating on the aquatic virus

    Virus adhesion within the regular pH range.

  • Effective microbial filtration

    Realization of a consistent virus filtration in different types of water.

  • High virus recovery rate

    Virus recovery rate of 50±10%(for Poliovirus).

  • Safety

    Acceptable test results were obtained according to the water supply and sewage facility law of Korea.

  • Diverse product groups

    5-inch or 10-inch types. Sterilization function is optional.


  • · VIROCAPⓇ is a cartridge filter that is based on ENVIONEER’s electro-positively charged filter media. The positive charge applied to the filter surface and inside the pores is effective for capturing and concentrating the waterborne enterovirus.
  • · VIROCAPⓇ is applicable to the water source of labs, lakes, rivers, pools, etc.
  • · The adsorbed viruses can be effectively retrieved by using an alkaline buffer solution such as 1.5% beef extract with a pH 9.5 aqueous glycine solution.


  • Industrial water
  • Swimming pool
  • Food and beverage industry
  • Pharmaceuticals and biochemistry
  • Laboratory
  • Water source

ENVIONEER’s sample pads and sample absorbent pads for a simple diagnostic test are materials with high uniformity. ENVIONEER is able to provide diagnostic test materials that provide rapid, economic, and reliable results to meet customers' needs.


  • Production with the wet-laid manufacturing technology of ENVIONEER

    Wet-laid processing is a technology that creates a thin-layered web by dispersing different kinds of low-concentrated fibers in the water, which allows for the production of high efficiency and high performance products.

  • Supplying uniform products from strict quality control

    The strict quality control during the raw material inspection and production process allows for the provision of high quality products. Internal protocol for managing the key properties of the pads including moisture absorption and uniformity is prepared.

  • Customized formulation for different customers' needs

    Special product development technology is available to adjust the ratio between cellulose fiber, glassfiber, PET fiber, and others to meet the performances requested by customers.


  • · Uniform products due to production with strict management standards.
  • · Uniform hydroscopic property and rapid moisture absorption.
  • · Customized production in different specifications.
  • · Currently applied to COVID-19, pregnancy and malaria test kits.


  • Infectious disease screening
  • Pregnancy test
  • Malaria test
  • Drug abuse diagnosis
  • Veterinary diagnosis
  • Food and drinks