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Sustainable growth

Instilled with the vision of being “a company for people and the environment” ENVIONEER will strive to achieve sustainable growth.

  • Business growth

    With increasing to the environment and health, consistent growth is expected in the eco-friendly material industry. Also, the supply of safe and clean water and air throughout to the households and industries has never been more important, which will result in a much expanded market.

    Due to the growth of the future automobile market, a quick transition to a mobility society, and changes in the energy paradigm into carbon neutrality, the demand for high-tech composition materials will gradually increase. In this regard, ENVIONEER will strive to provide relevant solutions through various changes and challenges such as making preemptive responses to positive changes and the commercialization of source technology that is necessary for market entry.

  • Strategic direction

    In the case of the existing business including wet-laid processed electro-positively charged filtration materials, a greater level of operation will be carried out by discovering new markets. Also, enhanced price competitiveness is planned through an optimized operation with technology based on digital transformation. Moreover, ENVIONEER will focus on making 100% eco-friendly filtration products by expanding the product groups that apply natural materials such as nanocellulose, biomass fiber, etc.

    For advanced composite materials that are applied to fuel cells, mobility materials and building materials, more stabilized production will be achieved by securing mass production technology and the introduction of new equipment.

  • Shared growth

    ENVIONEER aims to increase both the economic and social values in all of our business activities to achieve shared growth with society. By contemplating technology and product development for the environment and people at all times, we try to contribute to the stable growth of society which everyone belongs in.

    Besides, for the healthier and happier life of interested parties, we will always do our best to realize the value creation of the company and society as the foundation of economic value creation. To achieve our goal, we have established and applied the relevant strategies and systems to company management.

    By providing more support, cooperation, and job creation to local society and the community, ENVIONEER will accomplish shared growth.

  • Strengthening the quality control system

    In addition to establishing a quality control system for each part and process, ENVIONEER has been carrying out strict quality management from the raw material purchase to production process and shipment to manufacture high quality products.

    Together with our zero-failure rate principle, we try to rapidly figure out the root causes if any quality issues arise to resolve customer complaints and prevent the recurrence of any incidents.

  • Operation of eco-friendly / safe business establishments

    ENVIONEER has been establishing a system to minimize wastewater and wastes that are generated during the production process, and the waste discharge is safely carried out by observing the relevant laws and regulations. Furthermore, active investments have been made in establishing the eco-friendly facilities in our places of business according to the strengthened environmental requirements.

    Also, to prevent safety accidents and disasters that may occur in business sites, we try to maintain clean business areas by instructing the staff to wear protection devices, observe safety regulations, restrict any entry to danger zones and operating safety education programs according to the industrial health and safety act and relevant laws.

  • Enhancing core ability

    In order to provide preemptive responses to the rapidly changing customer needs and environments, ENVIONEER has been improving our competence as an eco-friendly advanced composite material company by providing continuous education to R&D and human resources, along with process enhancement through an automated production site, etc.

    To expand exports beyond the domestic market, ENVIONEER monitors the global market status and performs the trend analysis to establish marketing strategies for different regions, as well as securing excellent manpower.