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Your Partner for Clean & Green Life

Company overview

Environmental Pioneer

As a company specialized in high-tech composite materials based on the wet-laid processing method that is empowered by global technical competitiveness, we promise to lead the innovation of the next-generation material industry by completing with high quality, high efficiency, and high performance features.

Material-specialized company for the future

ENVIONEER has secured the most independent technology over based on the recipe data accumulated through over 20 years of expertise and experiences since our corporate establishment in 2001.

We produce high value added products based on advanced technology, in addition to providing materials that are applicable to numerous industries, components, and materials in line with customer needs.

As a pioneer of the domestic environmental material industry, ENVIONEER strives to perform the mass production of highly differentiated products, while at the same time expanding our product portfolio to encompass eco-friendly advanced composite materials to respond to the upcoming sustainable future and new energy paradigm.

Composite materials based on wet-laid processing method are yet to be made available to a sizeable amount by domestic companies in Korea, so the goal of ENVIONEER is to narrow the technical gap with overseas advanced companies, as well as to take a leap as a global material-specialized company through continuous growth.

Your Partner for Clean & Green Life

People and the environment are the most important value and belief of ENVIONEER

From the dependable development of each business field, ENVIONEER leads the localization of materials with unceasing aims to achieve sustainable growth. We will realize our dream of becoming a global champion for people and the environment.


  • Technology-specialized company


    Company specialized in technology through continuous R&D

  • Localization


    Leading the localization of advanced composite materials with an innovative pioneer spirit

  • Future-oriented


    Creating future-oriented materials through conversion technology