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Filter support media

ENVIONEER’s filter support media are the definition of an excellent mechanical strength as the binary polyester fiber is processed with a wet-laid manufacturing and thermosetting. The lamination of filter media provides a stable formability during processing and is also applicable to the water treatment filter and air filter industries in general.


  • Uniform air permeability

    The uniform air permeability possesses the maximized filtration efficiency of the filter media.

  • High pleating strength and structural Safety

    The high pleating strength and uniform structural safety improve the pleating shape stabilization, thus enhancing the formability and productivity of the 2nd filter media processing.

  • Customization of the binary filament composition

    Customized filter development for clients and places of application.

  • Safety

    Free from any harmful substances(Non-detection of 6 different harmful substances according to RoHS and 19 kinds of potentially harmful substances).


  • · The excellent air permeability and outstanding preservation of the pleating shape during processing improve the air filter performance.
  • · Possible to apply various kinds of materials including PET fiber, glass fiber, biomass fiber, and others depending on the different uses of the filter.
  • · Free from any harmful substances.
  • · Applicable to various fields including air purification filter, automobile cabin filter, water purification filter, industrial filter, etc.


  • Air purifier filter
  • Automobile air conditioner filter
  • HVAC filter(air conditioner filter)
  • Industrial water treatment filter
  • Water purifier filter

Made with natural fibers, the biomass filter support is used as support for filter materials. It is an eco-friendly and human-friendly product that can substitute the existing synthetic nonwoven fiber support.


  • Uniform air permeability

    The wet-laid processing results in uniform products, excellent permeability and low differential pressure.

  • High pleating strength

    An improved filter performance due to the excellent pleating of the filter and shape stabilization during the filter production.

  • Material Safety

    Mostly made out of natural fibers and bioplastic, it is eco-friendly and does not contain any harmful substances(non-detection of 6 different kinds of harmful substances (RoHS standards)).

  • Antibiotic

    99% and higher antibacterial ability against the S. aureus and K. pneumoniae.

  • Color

    Light brown shade by using an unbleached natural fibers.


  • · The excellent uniformity and pleating ability improve the air filter performance.
  • · Mostly consisting of bioplastic and natural fibers, it is an eco-friendly product that produces low carbon emissions.
  • · Applicable as filter supporting media in different fields including the household air purification filter, automobile cabin filter, etc.
  • · The inhibition of bacterial growth by applying natural fibers instead of artificial anti-bacterial substances.


  • Air purifier filter
  • Automobile air conditioning filter
  • Water purifier filter