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Advanced nonwovens manufacturing technology based on wet-laid processing method

Wet-laid processing method to a technology that creates a thin-layered web by dispersing different kinds of low-concentrated fibers in the water. Characterized by having uniform pores, wet-laid processing method is often used to produce advanced high density and high quality nonwovens.

ENVIONEER produces precision filtration materials, lightweight materials, and medical materials for in vitro diagnostic kits based on wet-laid processing method. From product development using natural materials and developing key materials for green mobility, we’ve already started diversifying the future industry.

Electro-positively charged filtration material manufacturing technology

Noticing that most of the pollutants are negatively charged in water, our technology absorbs those pollutants by applying a positive charge to the filter media.

ENVIONEER produces electro-positively charged filter media by regulating the amount of various fibers and electro-positively charged substances used along with other additional conditions. By adjusting the number of high molecules applied on the fiber surface and applying zeta-potential to the filter surface, it is possible to establish the optimized conditions to improve the virus removal efficiency.
Since the positively charged filter media are able to effectively absorb and remove pollutants that are smaller than pores, they are widely used in many different kinds of filter products including general water purifiers, industrial use, etc.