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Our way to innovation

  • Securing original technology for sustainable growth

    The key technology of ENVIONEER is to develop and produce high-quality advanced composite materials that can be applied in various by completing with different kinds of super fibers and eco-friendly fibers based on wet-laid processing method industries.

    We aim to secure the original technology of material production that can be useful for health and the environment, which would also involve environmental and social concerns related to carbon neutrality.

    Our main businesses include the use of eco-friendly natural materials and the development of materials that can contribute to carbon emissions reduction.

    Especially, ENVIONEER has also commenced the development of materials for fuel cells and mobility parts to respond to the paradigm changes towards green energy.

    We consider the stable and continuous growth of the company through securing original technology for material production as the basic strategy of innovation, and based on such a principle, we aim to become a global high-tech materials company. To be acknowledged as a representative material-specialized company in Korea that works for a sustainable environment and people, ENVIONEER promises to display resilient devotion.

  • Synergic effect from open innovation

    By applying universal technical innovation systems such as government-supported infra and industrial-academical cooperation, we make every effort to collect professional technologies and ideas from different fields for the benefit of creating new innovative culture. Our open innovation will certainly ensure we are never satisfied with the current situation.

    Our efforts for open innovation not only achieve corporate development through environmental and health-related technologies, but also become the creative foundation to respond to a rapidly changing management environment and make new challenges for the stable and continuous growth.

    By applying a management system and technical development strategy that can respond to rapidly changing trends, we will strive to reduce any potential risks that we may face to the best of our ability.

  • R&D process efficiency and performance improvement through technical database assets

    Ever since our establishment, ENVIONEER has put a lot of effort into carrying out numerous experiments, tests and establishing a mass production system. The database that stores our accumulated technical development and mass production process has certainly become the unique competitiveness of ENVIONEER.

    The technical data assets has provided quick responses to diversified market requirements, while at the same time being the basis of realizing rapid achievements.

    ENVIONEER will keep performing consistent R&D and trying different production methods to become a global advanced composite material company, as well as accumulating our expertise and experience.