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ENVIONEER uses various kinds of filter media including a positively charged filter media and meltblown filter that go through the assembly processing to provide filter products. It is also possible to manufacture different types of filter processed products such as the household water purification filter depending on the customers' needs.


  • Household water purifier filter

    Possible to manufacture various kinds of filter end products including pleating and wound filters.

    Customized order in different specifications is available.


  • Water purifier filter
  • Small water purification devices including the pitcher type, dispenser type, and water bottle type

The industrial liquid filter of ENVIONEER is a cartridge product that is produced by pleating filter media.


  • · Standard type : Glassfiber pleated filter, PP pleated filter
  • · Customized filter production with regulated filter efficiency, flow rate, and differential pressure by using various kinds of filtration materials.
  • · Autoclaving or steam sterilization
  • · Filtration grade : 0.2 ~ 5 micron(㎛)
  • · Cartridge specification : 10", 20", 30", 40"
  • · Cartridge end type : DOE, 222 Fin, 226 Fin, 222 Flat, 226 Flat
  • · Sealing materials : Silicon, EPDM


  • Industrial water treatment
  • Food and beverage industry
  • Pharmaceuticals and biochemistry
  • Power generation filter
  • Fine chemical industry
  • Household chemical industry

ENVIONEER has been supplying localized filter product groups that are used to remove the radioactive corrosion products and particulate matters from the chemical and volume control system(CVCS) in the nuclear power plant. Through the application of the independently manufactured filter paper, the safe management of coolant water quality is provided as it effectively removes radioactive particles and the erosive wear of the sealing surface in the reactor coolant pump(RCP).


  • · Filtration products with different grades(0.45 ~ 20㎛).
  • · Effective removal of radioactive substances.
  • · Excellent heat resistance.


  • CVCS filter
  • Seal water injection filter
  • Stator coolant filter
  • Turbine oil filter
  • Spent fuel pool cooling filter

ENVIONEER’s CapfilterⓇ is an innovative product that provides the direct installation of the water purification filter to a disposable water bottle. The positively charged cap filter not only effectively removes bacteria and microplastic but also improves the taste of water. Because it is small and light, the product is extremely portable and it can be carried while traveling and enjoying sports by installing it on a water bottle.


  • Anti-bacterial

    The cap filter applied with electro-positive charge technology effectively removes bacteria in bottled water and thus provides clean and healthy water. The filter paper used in the cap filter is comprised of the technology to filter the microbes including bacteria.

  • Removal of microplastic

    Installed at the cap of the disposable bottled water, the filter removes microplastics in bottled water.

  • Improved taste of water

    The electro-positively charged filter media applied with an activated carbon removes any chlorine and odor in tap water to improve the taste of water.


  • · Installable on a disposable water bottle.
  • · Possible to filter 20L of tap water(40 times of filtration for a 500mL water bottle).
  • · Excellent portability due to the small size and lightweight features (h114㎜*Φ34㎜, 20g).
  • · Contributing to environmental production by recycling the disposable water bottle.
  • · Easy cleaning and supplying of water.
  • · CapfilterⓇ is both a domestically and internationally registered item and is a technical product based on the numerous relevant patents.


  • When traveling to countries with poor water quality
  • Outdoor activities or sports
  • Outdoor water fountain
  • Survival kits(for natural disaster incidents)
  • Outdoor military training