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Filter media

The water purification filter media of ENVIONEER is a electro-positively charged product having the enhanced safety of a water purification filter and providing an excellent anti-pollutant feature. electro-positive charge resin is covered all over the filtered void volume to realize an electrostatic capture. The electro-positive charging characteristic applied to the mechanical filtration mechanism results in excellent high efficiency and low differential pressure.


  • High efficiency, low differential pressure

    Clean water is provided as the electro-positively charged filter provides an electro-positive charge to the surface and pores of the filter so that the electrostatic absorption of the pollutants smaller than the pores in water is possible.

  • Excellent virus holding capacity

    Excellent removal of negatively charged bacteria and viruses inside water.

  • Safety

    Acquired the U.S. NSF and WQA product certifications.

  • Water quality

    This product has passed the standard specification test in Korea.


  • · The water purification filter allows low pressure and high filtration efficiency to secure the sufficient amount of purified water.
  • · The nonwoven filter media applies electro-positive charge to the filter surface and inside its pores.
  • · Removes microbes including viruses, bacteria, and cysts.
  • · The essential minerals in water are not filtered to provide health water.
  • · The water filter can be processed in many different types.
  • · It is a technical product that has acquired numerous domestic and international patents regarding positively charged filtration and production technology.


  • Household water purifier(countertop, under the sink, faucet types)
  • Pre-treatment filter of the RO membrane filter
  • Food and beverage industry

The glassfiber filter paper used for the industrial liquid filter of ENVIONEER is made with wet-laid processing method to be used in critical precision filtration processes.
The liquid filter media of various grades are widely used in ultra-precise filtration in different industries including electricity and electronics.


  • High flow rate and low differential pressure

    Featuring a 500 nanometer diameter, the glassfiber is much narrower than synthetic fiber to express the characteristics of a high flow rate and low differential pressure.

  • Chemical resistance

    Resistant to heat and chemical properties.


  • · Provision of differently graded media depending on the customer needs.
  • · High flow rate with low differential pressure and a high efficiency filtration.
  • · Applicable to various types of filters.


  • Industrial water treatment
  • Food and beverage industry
  • Small water purification devices including the pitcher type, dispenser type, and water bottle type
  • Pharmaceuticals and biotechnology

The oil filter paper of ENVIONEER allows for the cleaner cooking of foods through the effective removal of pollutants and oxidative substances in oil that are generated during the cooking process. The natural pulp with excellent fiber strength is applied to the wet-laid processing to provide a high level of uniformity, filtration efficiency, and strength while at the same time preventing the filter from getting ripped.


  • Reduced generation of waste oil

    The longer service life of cooking oil allows for the cost reduction in the fast-food industry and restaurants and reduction of waste oil to prevent any environmental contamination.

  • Improved wet strength

    The mechanical treatment of pulp results in improved wet strength to allow for the stable refinement during the cooking oil purification without rupture.

  • Safety

    Elution Safety of residual PCBs, lead, formaldehyde, and fluorescent whitening agent(according to the container package standards of the Minister of Food and Drug Safety) in water is confirmed.

  • Specification customization

    Specification change is possible depending on customers' needs.


  • · Natural pulp that is harmless to the human body.
  • · Excellent bursting strength.
  • · Compatible with most of the cooking oil refining machine.
  • · Applicable to the food industry.
  • · Customized production in different specifications.


  • Food and beverage industry
  • Fast-food and regular restaurants
  • Household kitchen utensils