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Composite materials

The lightweight composite materials of ENVIONEER maintain the rigidity of the end products while at the same time contributing to improving automobile fuel efficiency through the lowered mass of the components. Manufactured with the unique wet-laid processing of ENVIONEER, an excellent level of uniformity control is possible, and the products feature an outstanding degree of rigidity, and sound-absorbance.


  • High pleating rigidity and excellent formability

    Suitable for processes that manufacture products with excellent durability and rigidity which can also be thermoformed at low pressure.

  • Reduced energy cost

    Enhanced fuel efficiency by applying lightweight components.

  • Provision of the diversified functions

    Flame retardant and water repellent functions are available for all composite material products.

  • Safety

    The lowered use of glue has a reduced odor and VOC that may generate from the composite materials.


  • · Lightweight material made of PET fiber, glassfiber, and biomass fiber.
  • · Enhanced intensity, sound absorption, and formability by applying the binary composite fiber.
  • · Uniform property of the product due to wet-laid processing.
  • · Technical product that has acquired numerous domestic and international patents regarding the material and production technology.


  • Automobile underbody cover in the engine room
  • Automobile side cover
  • Automobile headliner
  • Automobile finishing materials

The sound absorbing nonwovens of ENVIONEER is combined with a metal perforated plate and thus used as the sound absorbing material on the walls and ceilings. The metal perforated plate and other surfaces are coated with an adhesive for an easier attachment, and the sound absorbing nonwovens is effective to reduce the noise, while at the same time is widely applicable to wall panels, ceiling, hard floor mats etc.


  • · Thin and light nonwovens.
  • · High sound absorbing coefficient of the NRC standard 0.72(ASTM C423-17).
  • · Easily adhesive to different areas and products including the ceiling, steel, lumber, panel, wall, etc.
  • · Suitable in a humid environment due to the high color preservation rate.
  • · Acquired grade 2 from the Flame retardant test in Korea.


  • Subways and airports
  • Sound absorption room and karaoke
  • Building materials – Ceiling/wall/partitions
  • Substitution to steel and wooden panels

Flame retardant nonwovens are specialized to prevent the spread of fire or suppress fire. The production process of the flame retardant nonwovens that involves the wet-laid processing method provides a more precise homogeneity and better quality compared to that of other products.


  • · The surface of the nonwovens is coated with a flame retardant material.
  • · Acquired grade 2 from the flame retardant test in Korea.
  • · Provision of nonwovens with various levels of thickness and a basis weight(30-250g/㎡).
  • · Suitable in a humid environment due to the high color preservation rate.
  • · Non-detection of RoHS and 19 different kinds of harmful substances.


  • Furniture
  • Construction and civil engineering
  • Construction materials(Sandwich panel, Ceiling materials, etc.)